Thermal Solar

Thermal Solar, otherwise, known as Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) is a solution that can be provided for communities in a desert region. This can be incorporated with any form of energy storage system like molten salt, hydro pumping, or battery storage to take care of nighttime. It is advisable for above 10MW to make economic sense.

This works when the sun’s energy is concentrated by parabolically curved, trough-shaped reflectors onto a receiver pipe running along the inside of the curved surface. This energy heats a thermal oil flowing through the pipe, and the heat energy is then used to generate electricity in a conventional steam generator, hence the term Thermal Solar.

A collector field comprises many troughs in parallel rows aligned on a northsouth axis. This configuration enables the single-axis troughs to track the sun from east to west during the day to ensure that the sun is continuously focused on the receiver pipes