Research and Development (R&D)

Climate change mitigation, adaption and finance is the fore-subject in the world economy discourse. This is the focal birth point of the Paris Agreement. Uninterestingly, this agreement is persistently being threatened by lack of sustainable and cost-effective solutions.

Against this backdrop, McAlpha Inc. is in collaboration with Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen to finding sustainable climate solutions using membrane technology for decarbonizing the environment and production, storage and delivery of alternative fuel to the world.

Our R&D results are expected to lead to making valuable products from capture CO2, wastewater treatment, and production of biofuel, green and blue hydrogen.


All our R&D have a positive impact on our current and future project to combat climate change, enhance profitability andgive us a leading edge in order to ensure an early return on investment. All our R&D confirms the potentially serious impacts of unabated climate change issues that are central to human existence. All our R&D is focused on emergence of major technologies that will sustainably overrule current carbon enriched technologies.

Our R&D is centered within the following areas:

  • Direct air capture
  • Hydrogen production & purification
  • Ammonia cracking
  • LPG conversion to polymers
  • Carbon-dioxide utilization
  • Ziegler-Natta catalysis
  • Reducing environmental footprint technology
  • Low emission fuels & products
  • Gas-to-Liquids Fischer–Tropsch process