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We pride ourselves in the wealth of experience of our engineers and technicians in their various fields of endeavour to bring projects to successful completion on schedule and within budget under the auspices of our community, local content, safety, environment, securities and health policies. Our engineers and technicians have completed various projects in the past 30 years.

We partner with local businesses and communities to ensure optimum local content participation. Hence, we encourage the inclusion of the local community from the moment we have an agreement to execute this project through our community liaison office and consultants.

Achieving the Desire Results

In order to design and build an appropriate facility the project should be structure to provide necessary information at the appropriate time and to allow for go/no-go decision points at critical junctures in the project development.

This approach, utilized by many of the Major Oil and industrial companies is called a gated process. The initial investigation into a project involves a feasibility study to determine the probable Return On Investment (ROI) and affirm that the project is technically and economically viable. At the end of this preliminary study a Gate or decision point is allowed for so the management can decide to proceed or not, prior to spending additional funds on the project. It would be anticipated that there would be at least four gates

Gate One: After the Feasibility study

Gate Two: After the Basic Engineering is completed

Gate Three: After the FEED is completed

Gate Four: After Detailed Design is completed, prior to construction

At each gate a schedule and cost estimate is developed. These are increasingly detailed as the project develops. If this approach is followed the project develops in a controlled and regulated manner, confirming at each gate that the project is desirable and should continue. It allows for continual updates to the Management of the project so that informed decisions can be made and expected outcomes can be realized and are obtainable.


Our mission at McAlpha Inc is to bring into reality our client’s project that will otherwise suffer setbacks due to lack of essential components for Financial Investment Decision (FID)


The McAlpha vision is to be recognised as a global leader in project development and implementation.


Our objective is to safely bring to fruition our client’s projects within schedule and budget.


We build, own, operate and transfer the completed project to the clients.

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