Gas to Liquid (GTL)

Gas to liquids (GTL) is basically a refinery process to convert natural gas or other gaseous hydrocarbons into longer-chain hydrocarbons, such as gasoline or diesel fuel. Methane-rich gases are converted into liquid synthetic fuels.

McAlpha access to technology licenses on gas-to-liquids technology converts natural gas into high quality liquid products. These products consists of motor oils and transport fuels and the ingredients for day to day necessities such as cosmetics, detergents and plastics.

One of the major characteristics of Gas to Liquid is that, the products are colourless and odourless. They contain almost none of the impurities such as sulphur, aromatics and nitrogen. Due to this characteristic, countries with natural gas can grow their economies as new gas supplies come on-stream to satisfy growing global demand for liquid products.

McAlpha gas production consists of three stages:

First stage: In this stage, a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide referred to as synthesis Gas, is manufactured from natural ga by partial oxidation. The ratio of hydrogen and carbon monoxide must be reached to move to the next stage.

Second stage: At this stage, the synthesis gas is converted into liquid hydro-carbons using the Fischer Tropsch process. At this stage, a liquid is formed which feels and look like wax at standard teperature and pressure.

Third stage: This is the last stage where cracking as isomerisation occur and the molecules are manipulated into products with desired properties. The result of this yields a high quality liquid such as crude, diesel, kerosine and lubricant base oil.

With this, our technical prowess of the chemical industry allows us to provide a single point solution allowing us to take the load off asset owner. McAlpha Inc. make it easy by off taking the gas and converting it to valuable market ready products. At the same time, we create opportunities for investors who wishes to put their capital into a viable project with a long term positive and continuous return on investment.

Our team of expert would gladly welcome an opportunity to team up with a country government or asset owner for a turn key project development to meet their current and future needs.