Renewable Energy

McAlpha Inc. is a project development company that combine project execution with finance upon our financing partner country risk tolerance and customer credit rating. We offer turnkey power solutions to meet the client’s climate change goes as our solutions does not emit green house gas.

Meeting with the client and obtaining briefs allows us to proffer solution that will work for the environment, depending on the nature of the environment and what is prevalent that can be harnessed to generate power.

The power solution will be designed and build to meet the need of different location or community based on workable PPA arrangement. We offer the following solutions.


Thermal Solar, otherwise, known as Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) is a solution that can be provided for communities in a desert region. This can be incorporated with any form of energy storage system like molten salt, hydro pumping, or battery storage to take care of nighttime. It is advisable for above 10MW to make economic sense.

This works when the sun’s energy is concentrated by parabolically curved, trough-shaped reflectors onto a receiver pipe running along the inside of the curved surface. This energy heats a thermal oil flowing through the pipe, and the heat energy is then used to generate electricity in a conventional steam generator, hence the term Thermal Solar.

A collector field comprises many troughs in parallel rows aligned on a northsouth axis. This configuration enables the single-axis troughs to track the sun from east to west during the day to ensure that the sun is continuously focused on the receiver pipes


Our most scalable solution is the PV system which can meet needs as small as 2kW for household use to clusters of up to 50MW or more. This can also be incorporated with energy storage system for night time use. Highly efficient solar panel of capacities between 400-600W are available to reduce footprint. Either off grid with battery storage or grid tie, we are there to support you power need.


No longer do we need several megawatts hydro electric power station which takes years of planning and high CAPEX to construction.

We offer 25kW to 1.5MW Marine Hydro Kinetics turbines of different configuration to power small communities in the riverine areas using the river current or small pressure head compared with conventional hydroelectric power plant. We will design and build to suit the environment with fish safety in mind.


The CFMG generates based load power for cities and co mmunities, it requires no fuel and generates continuous power. It i s the most effective means of distributed generations that eliminates the needs for transmission lines. As it requires small footprint it could be built next to a substation.

The minimum set is 60kW and it could be combined to form up to 50MW power station. A hybrid of CFMG and steam generator, termed Induction Steam Generator comes in 2MW modules. Applicable where water is available to produce steam, can also be combined to form 50MW to 100MW power plant.


We provide a portable hybrid solution that combines solar with energy storage and diesel generator for data center or remote location where power is required continuously without disruption. The power is supplied via an inverter system connected to the batteries which are charged by the solar module.

The battery storage is designed to meet the need of the client 24/7 however, when there is continuous overcast that prevent the solar module from charging the batteries, then the diesel generator is use to charge the batteries and at the same time power the facility. The use of the diesel generator is typically reduced to about 10 hours a month when the system is efficiently designed.


We provide consulting services for client, especially where the client wants to manage their own procurement process for a competitive bid. We have a team of consultants and engineers to handle feasibility studies, front end engineering design, facilities impact study, PPA draing and negotiation.