The absence of sustainable power generating system and high cost of power generation in our present form of electricity provision have affected many homes and businesses, causing corporate and home owners to resort to alternative and available power supply. It is because of this outcry that the fuel less power generator was invented, to make electricity free, affordable and available 24/7. The construction is completely simplified for non technical individuals, to build the generator with ease.

The fuel less power generator system is simply permanent magnets that are so arrange to create a very powerful repulsion of 125kg, spinning a shaft connected to an alternator at 3600rpm. The alternator in the process produces 220Vac @50Hz. From the construction plan, you can build from 1.2kw to 7.5kw generator for your home and businesses.

The obvious outstanding features of the fuel less power generation is to address the setbacks in the existing power generation technologies such as the Solar generator, Wind turbine generator, Hydro-Power system, Fuel cell systems, Nuclear plants, etc.

The fuel less power generator is certainly the global bride of the moment and global quest for a CLEAN ENERGY TECHNOLOGY.

1) Fuel less in nature,
2) Minimum noise,
3) No Exhaust fumes,
4) 24/7 Electricity supply,
5) Environmentally friendly,
6) Minimum risk of fire, due to absence of fuel.

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Distributed Generation
By installing clusters of the JouleBox™ Hy-brid Generator next to sub-stations and under right-of-way transmission lines we can pro-duce Distributed Generation where the energy is needed. Each JouleBox™ needs less than 100 Sq. Ft. of space and can even be stacked! We can install clusters of 3MW to 50 MW un-der one roof to feed into the sub-station.

The JouleBox™ installations are very scalable. As demand grows new JouleBox™ units can be added or even removed and re-positioned.

•    No Capital Cost or maintenance for the Utility
•    Save on transmission costs
•    Firm dependable power 24/7/365
•    Scalable
•    100% Green Energy!
•    High quality Clean Harmonics
•    Fixed or TOU PPA

The 60 kW JouleBox™ Hybrid Generator pro-duces power 24/7/365 which makes the cost per kWh the lowest of any technology:

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