McAlpha Finance provide an extensive opportunity for optimizing Cost Savings guaranteed by our low load power solutions and engineering efficiencies guaranteed by keeping-it-simple integrated engineering product designs. This is largely associated with both vertical and horizontal  back-mapping to the manufacturing technologies of our network partners.

  • As a predominantly innovative engineering group, we commit to the following;
  • Creating competitive advantage,
  • Cater to entrepreneurs who pitch ideas to receive funding,
  • Invest in Start-ups driven by innovation (Enerpex, CWI).
  • Strive to remain a Generation-Y corporation that want to reinvent the business world as we currently know it. Therefore, we shall continue to seek support for companies who embrace intrapreneurship to drive innovation and stay ahead of competition.

We are persuaded that about 30% of large companies now provide seed funds to finance intrapreneural efforts. As there are very few grants available today and the majority of governments funding programs are typically loans- with equity investment, an investor makes money available for use in exchange for ownership share from individuals, including yourself or other companies in your business option for your

Critical are the following:

  • Maintain the right mix of capital? (avoid under-capitalisation, target 3:1 Debt: Equity)
  • How much of your own money? (aim for 25% - 50% to stay attractive)
  • Equity? (exchange for ownership share, not secured on business assets)
  • Debt? (always target under 3X of equity to stay attractive)
  • Government grants/loans? (grants usually for specific industries of need and groups of people while loans require payback with interest)
  • Commercial loans/ Financial Institutions? ( LTL be used for larger expenses/ asset acquisition that secure the loan while STL be used for
    smaller operating expenses)
  • Evaluation? (irrespective of the funding option selected, be mindful of the criteria- Cash flow, Collateral, Commitment & Character)

Access to funds:

  • Access to fund globally irrespective of your primary business location is getting easier provided issues of National Security and Anti-money laundry regime are priced and seen to be in effect respectively.
  • We have within the Group, a team of finance experts with proven expertise for accessing debt or equity fund windows available in jurisdictions of United Kingdom, Europe, North America, and Asia-China and within the management of a few dedicated development fund institutions in Africa for the benefit of companies.
  • We hope to use the McAlpha finance services to assist qualified financing gaps made known to us as we undertake our various business engagements by making available to interested partners in different industries or innovation-spheres, the wealth of expertise, extensive experiences